About Us


The Sauce Queen’s Smokey BBQ Sauce is the first product in the sauce market and is quickly becoming the favoured Smokey BBQ Sauce in Cape Town. It is Spicy, smokey, smooth, spoonable, pourable, dunkable, brushable and bastable; this barbecue sauce is everything a great barbecue sauce should be.


High Quality Ingredients – The ingredients and the right balance between flavourants and spices make The Sauce Queen exceptionally unique. For years the family has used only the best selection of raw materials.


A family owned business founded in 2022, The Sauce Queen was born when Bruce and Marcelle Isaacs started making sauces in their home kitchen using Momma Anne’s (Marcelle’s late Mother) original recipe and reformulated an amazingly new Smokey BBQ Sauce.

During social braais we shared our product with family and friends. The feedback received on the product was positive and led to the kitchen production to develop quickly to meet local customer demand.

The business also became a source of income for Bruce Isaacs, which was a key driver for him to support his family of four. Bruce Isaacs began by joining local trade shows and food markets which further exposed The Sauce Queen’s Smokey BBQ Sauce to a bigger market across Cape Town, this caused the product to become extremely popular to locals.

The Sauce Queen’s Smokey BBQ recently attained shelf space in OK Mini Markets in the Western Cape. The business has signed Non Disclosure Agreements and Service Level Agreements with two FSSC Accredited Co-Packers and is capable of mass production at the flick of a switch. The Sauce Queen is compliant with all regulatory and mandatory authorities ie. Halaal and FSSC.